Integrative Life & Wellness Coaching

Life and Wellness coaching is a process of empowering and engaging individuals in a way that elicits conversation, self-discovery and goal setting. Together, we explore the physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, and occupational dimensions of life that relate to wellbeing. Through the process of coaching, clients have the opportunity to connect the best of who they are to where they want to be in life. In her practice, Jennifer maintains a whole-person approach to wellness by exploring each client’s unique interests, motivation, values, strengths and capabilities. Sessions may include a focus on various mind-body skills if desired, such as imagery, hypnosis and meditation. As the coach, Jennifer supports her clients emerging visions and goals for achieving wellness, and may offer and teach strategies that will support their process and continued growth. Jennifer is specialized in fertility and women’s health, but works with varied individuals seeking support.

What you can expect:

Assistance with identifying barriers to wellness and lifestyle management

Help you recognize & shift behaviors and beliefs that block success or readiness to change

Teach you self-care practices for personal reflection, balance & growth

Work with you to set realistic personal health and wellness goals

Monitor your progress toward achieving your goals